Gross income includes earnings from employment before taxes and other deductions are taken out, and also includes funds such as unemployment, social security, child support, or other public assistance. You will need to provide documentation or self certify later.


If you live outside of Hennepin county, you are not eligible for funding available through this application. Please contact your county of residence. 

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          This could include a notice of reduction of hours or furlough

          We are required to provide you with a Tennessen Warning prior to requesting personal information from you in accordance with Minn Stat §13.04, subd. 2. The purpose of the notice is to enable you to make an informed decision about whether to give data about yourself, which could be shared with government entities, such as Hennepin County and Minnesota Housing. The data could be shared upon court order or provided to the state or legislative auditor.  We are required to inform you of your rights as they pertain to the private information we collect from you. The information we collect from you is classified by law as either public (anyone can see it), private (the public is not given access, but you are), or confidential (even you cannot see the information).  As an applicant of this assistance, most of the information requested about you is classified as private. You are not legally required to provide any of the requested information. However if you do not, we may not be able to provide with the services or resources you are requesting. If you have any questions about this notice, please reach out to agency staff.  

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          Rent assistance needed from CARES (must be after March 1, 2020)
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          Assistance needed for Utility (must be after March 1, 2020)

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